Automatic Dia XML - from Source Code and Data.


Create Dia UML Diagrams from Source code, directories of source code or even xml, by using your own or included Handlers.


Screenshots of AutoDia diagrams viewed in Dia

Look - I can parse Python

Screenshots with new layout algorithm (version 1.7 pre 2)

first - the untouched autodia output (70k click on image for full size)

next - after 5 minutes arranging it in dia (105k ckick on image for full size)


older stuff

I ran autodial on itself (because, hey, its easy) and it generated this cool (not so) little gem.. (69k).

After a couple of minutes I turned it into this.. (76k).

A more recent screenshot (using version 0.03)

Yet more recent (using version 0.04)

anybody want to show off their before & after or other screenshots, mail them to me at

Ajt. <>